▫️What is MAJESTY?
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      MAJESTY is a high-performance database visualization tool that we developed independently.
      MAJESTY, which patternizes the movement of all SQL and makes it objective visualization, uses the access pattern analysis,
      which is a new technique acquired in the US patent.
      It is widely used in index design, test and operation faces, and so on.
▫️System Configuration
It is installed in another environment and can be analyzed by collecting data regularly, so it has almost no impact on the running production environment. In addition, security is also safe because analysis is performed with reference to only part of the dynamic view.
▫️Characteristics of MAJESTY
System Safety

Do not introduce an agent to the analysis target system, perform analysis in a separate environment that references only part of the dynamic view. The safety of the system is ensured.
Quality Improvement

You can easily improve the quality of the entire system by scoring the access efficiency to the table and objectively visualizing it.
Load reduction of production system

Improvements are made on a table basis, greatly reducing CPU and memory load.
Performance problem tracking

Since all SQL execution information is collected, it is possible to quickly investigate the cause of sudden performance deterioration and take measures.
Improvement Guide

We automatically advise improvement points for access patterns that are bottlenecks.
Cost reduction

Not only does it reduce development costs, it also has the effect of curbing HW investments such as server expansion.
▫️Function / Effect / Use Area
It is an engine that decomposes / groups all motions of whole SQL with access pattern, and accumulates and visualizes.
Safe and efficient INDEX automatic design, performance tuning, monitoring and alerting of internal behavior of the database.
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